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LF Home

Google street view is an interface designed to deliver geographical, navigational, and contextual information about particular places defined by the individual user. GSV is meant to be purely an informational application, yet it provokes an emotional response when the individual user views an area he or she finds familiar.

The virtual space is not going away or being diminished. I am of the generation that grew up with the Internet as a dominant mode for viewing the landscape around us and the landscape in the virtual space. Each future generation will find the virtual space as familiar as the real world.

Using the virtual space requires us to be disembodied. While we travel to hometowns and far away lands in Google Street View, our bodies must remain in front of our computer screens. The virtual landscape is a simulacrum for the landscape we experience outside in the physical realm. Culturally we should begin questioning these payoffs, not to judge ourselves, but to recognize the emerging shifts.

LF Home is my own experience traveling through my hometown of Tull, AR where I have titled the images with my memories of the specific locations. The images that follow are a record of my reactions to images of my hometown through Google Street View. They are stories of childhood memories, death narratives, a longing for ‘home’, etc. The audience is invited to participate and question my experience.

LF is common internet shorthand for ‘looking for’. In general, when LF is used, the user is asking for other people to join them in an event or activity.